This is what we know. Women, throughout history and across cultures, have been leading the way towards more equitable and sustainable solutions on issues of importance to us all.

Women have had key roles in farming, caring for the earth, educating the young, and feeding families. And, within their communities, they have worked together to achieve these common goals with efficiency and clarity, all while developing a sense of cohesion, team-work, and social stability.


With today’s technology, including social media, we have new platforms through which women can, and do, connect. Women who once worked together in the confines of their towns or villages to achieve great goals can now collaborate extensively. We are building a dynamic network, and the possibilities for change are endless.


To create a common thread that unites women at all levels of the olive oil industry, bringing about positive global change in the areas of health and nutrition, education, environmental and agricultural practices, fair trade, and gender equality.

This global women’s network is committed to building a platform where women can exchange knowledge, expertise, and experiences, and where they can obtain the tools and support they need to advance shared goals — in their local communities, yet with an international reach.

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women tasting evoo

WIOO strives to recognize the important contributions of women as leaders, stakeholders, educators, professionals, and experts. By uniting these voices throughout the world, the association aims to carry out strategic local projects that are globally connected — projects that will promote real change. Women In Olive Oil empowers women to come together to share experiences, create a support network, and ultimately enrich the world of olive oil. To date, WIOO includes over 1000 women from nearly 40 countries.


WIOO is the framework for a coalition of women with a cultural and intellectual wealth of knowledge and experience — women in professions that include leaders in the industry, chefs, farmers, millers, chemists, tasters, educators, importers, exporters, and retailers. This extraordinary diversity of professionals provides fertile ground for innovative projects and synergies that, in turn, will improve the way we farm, consume, transport, access, research, teach, and market olive oil.


Together, a strong task force of women can accomplish these goals. And ultimately, together, we can amplify the financial and professional strength of the individual women among us.